May 22, 2019

🌡Hormone HOT Topic 🌡
Progesterone affects our bodies in so many important ways! Our uterus is just ONE of many absorption sites- and is not the only one that matters when considering progesterone.

⚖️ Measuring levels and replacing progesterone when deficient can improve a variety of symptoms as well as be a vital piece to balancing hormones overall. 🧩


April 3, 2019

⚠️ Botox Fears??⚠️
You're not alone! New Botox patients come in every day and during their pre-treatment consult we hear all kinds of fears. It's normal to be afraid of the unknown but Botox has been put on a pedestal surrounded by fears and assumptions. We're here to tell you- IT'S REALLY NOT THAT SCARY!
💉 That being said, Botox is a medical treatment that...

March 28, 2019

We're so excited to announce the next phase of engagement with our Allure followers!
We want to know what interests and questions you have and will use Allure Tips & Tools as a platform to educate, share and grow with our clients.

Make sure you're following us on Instagram-
Drop a comment, DM or email us at with...

February 4, 2019

☀️ Myth: If I get some sun occasionally, I have enough Vitamin D.

✔️ Fact: We do get some Vitamin D from the sun but not as much as you think. Where you live has a large influence on the strength of the sunlight you can even expose yourself too. The angle of the sun and the strength of its rays influences the production of Vitamin D. For example, anyone living a...

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