IPL Laser - 3 Pack

IPL Laser - 3 Pack


IPL with the Cutera LimeLight targets undesired pigmentation- brown spots, sun spots, redness, small superficial vessels, and Rosacea. This series pairs well with SkinMedica's specialty pigment corrector Lytera 2.0 will not only address visible pigment but also prevents new unwanted pigment from forming! 



    Laser treatments including IPL, requiresan in-office appointment with Hilary during which a consultation will occur, you will discuss your treatment plan as well as the risks, benefits and post-care instructions. Please call 402.881.3638 or email contactus@allurehealthmed.com to schedule your appointment today!


    Once a service is rendered, no refund is available for Med Spa services, including IPL laser. No refund for unused product will be issued at any time. Exchange of defective SkinMedica products with Allergan can be facilitated through Allure Health. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 


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