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Our provider, Hilary Muhle and manager, Leanne Bata were interviewed by KAT 103.7's Gina Melton on Moms Everyday! Airing Thursday, October 6.

Mom’s Everyday Transcript

Interviewer: Gina Melton

Interviewee: Hilary Muhle and Leanne Bata

Gina: Good morning and welcome to Mom’sEveryday. I’m your host, Gina Melton, also with Kat 103.7. And joining me today form Allure Health and Med Spa is Hilary Muhle and Leanne Bata. So good to have you both here.

Hilary and Leanne: Thank you so much.

Gina: So excited about your grand opening celebration, this is awesome.

Hilary: Yes.

Gina: Now, I know one of the things you do is hormone replacement therapy. Who is a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy, Hilary?

Hilary: Sure. So, hormone decline actually can start as early as your thirties, resulting from things like childbirth, certain medications and that surprises a lot of people. We offer individualized treatment plans. And menopause as we all know is one of those culprits for hormone decline. We can tailor that therapy to where you are age wise but also to your specific needs.

Gina: That’s wonderful.

Hilary: Yes.

Gina: Now Leanne, what sets Allure Health apart from others?

Leanne: I would say that we’re that one stop shop for that everyday working mom for her to come in and get her hormone replacement therapy or her aesthetics as well as we do women’s health as well. So they really can form that bond with Hilary for all of their services that they need.

Gina: Hilary, at what age should a woman start using anti-aging products and practices?

Hilary: So, prevention is key and we talk about prevention in healthcare. But starting earlier, again in that late 20s to early 30s, is becoming more and more popular. And we’re doing that so we can prevent rather than try to treat after the fact. So, I say there is no limitation to good prevention and good skin care.

Gina: And I know you offer laser services, as well. That’s exciting too.

Hilary: Yes. So, the laser services can help with anything from anything to fine lines, wrinkles and a variety of different treatments.

Gina: Hilary, thanks so much. Good to see you both.

Hilary and Leanne: Thank you very much.

Gina: And thanks for joining us for Moms Everyday

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