Pellet Implant Testosterone for Women – The Medical Studies

There are many medical studies coming out about the use of topical testosterone in women. In this post I would like to provide a run-down of the current medical research on a different and superior method of delivering testosterone: pellet implantation.

Pellets, also known as implants, are made up of hormone (such as testosterone) that is pressed into tiny cylinders. The majority of pellets are made by compounding pharmacists and are ideal because they deliver steady, healthy levels of hormone over the period of a few months, as opposed to other delivery methods, which may fluctuate.

Testosterone pellet for treatment of hormone imbalance in women is not experimental, and has been shown to be a superior treatment for treatment of endometriosis, uterine fibroids and PMS; improvement of insomnia, sex drive, libido, hot flashes, palpitations, headaches, irritability, depression, aches, pains, lethargy and vaginal dryness, while also improving bone density and supporting long term bone density maintenance—without increasing the risk of breast cancer.

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