BHRT Patient Testimonial

"After having a hysterectomy in 1995, my family physician put me on Premarin hormone pills. I was having terrible hot flashes and night sweats. It was horrible. He just upped the dosage, we never talked about why I was having all these issues or what I could possibly do to correct them. I still had no relief, so I tried Bio-identical creams and patches- they were useless! Total waste of time! Then, I met Hilary and she has changed my life forever! Hilary truly wanted to know what I was feeling and all of my symptoms not just the worst ones. Weight Gain, mood swings and she explained each symptom means something else. I started the BHRT therapy with Hilary and within a month I was showing signs of improvement. I went back for my first blood draw and they gave me a booster because my hormones were out of control. It took a few visits for us to dial in on the dosage and ever since my life has changed forever! Hilary is my hero. I sleep at nights without waking up because of night sweats or hot flashes. I don't have the mood swings like before, I feel like my younger self again. I have been telling everyone I know about Hilary and I now car pool with other women getting relief." -Lori A., Allure Health & Med Spa patient

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