Lip Filler Diary

Dear Diary

💬 IMMEDIATELY BEFORE- "I want natural but make it worth it. Do you think anyone will notice? I want people to notice but not like NOTICE, ya know?!"👀

💬 IMMEDIATELY AFTER- "Oh yeah! I did it! 👐That wasn't so bad but my husband is definitely going to notice."

🗓️ DAY 1- " These are massive! Where did those Post-Care instructions go, I think they said something about this... Do I need to call in sick to work?"

🗓️ DAY 3- "Phew, swelling is going down but they feel a little stiff. Is that a hard spot? Is this normal? I really need to find those Post-Care instructions."

🗓️ DAY 5- "I'm officially a lip model, these are perfection." (Takes 100th selfie🤳 and buys 5 new lip sticks💄.)

🗓️ DAY 7- "A little swelling wasn't so bad, where did it go? I want it back!"

🗓️ DAY 14- "I need more filler..."💉

💋A little humor for those luscious lip lovers out there! Of course this isn't everyone's experience but more often then not... it's pretty close

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