Progesterone Myth

🌡Hormone HOT Topic 🌡 Progesterone affects our bodies in so many important ways! Our uterus is just ONE of many absorption sites- and is not the only one that matters when considering progesterone. ⚖️ Measuring levels and replacing progesterone when deficient can improve a variety of symptoms as well as be a vital piece to balancing hormones overall. 🧩 Benefits: ✅ Estrogen's natural counter balance- protects the uterus and breasts from over stimulation by estrogen (estrogen dominance is another topic but is the result of high estrogen and/or lack of progesterone to properly balance) prevents bloating & water retention ✅ Builds bone ✅ Increases libido ✅ Improves sleep quality ✅ Calms the brain ✅ Improves brain and body's responses to stress 💡Fun Fact💡Progesterone acts on GABA (gamma-amniobutyric) receptors in the brain which are the same receptors influenced by sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications and alcohol. When bound to these receptors progesterone can result in a more calm brain and better sleep. GABA receptor stimulation inhibits overstimulation in the brain providing necessary protection during times of stress.

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