Before & After Juvederm Lip Filler

Another beauty maintaining her plump, hydrated lucious lips with routine #JuvedermUltra. Very mild redness and swelling noted here- all normal and temporary post treatment.

Product💉: Juvederm Ultra XC Cost💲: $575 Appointment ⏲️: Consult plus procedure 45 minutes to 1 hour (varies with client familiarity with me & with injentions and the amount of product administered). Performed with topical numbing & ice. Pre-Care ✔️: No ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oils, vitamin E for a 7 days prior; no retinol products for 3 days prior; no alcohol 24 hours prior and if you have a history of cold sores on the mouth and are getting lip injections please contact us for instructions; may pre-treat with Vitamin K and/or Arnica cream for a week prior to help with bruising Post-Care ✔️: Ice per comfort but expect some mild tenderness and possibly mild swelling for 1-3 days on average; Limit straw drinking & anything putting pressure on the lips for a week; bruising is a risk with any injection; no alcohol 24 hours post; may continue or start topical vitamin K and/or Arnica for bruising ... Detailed list provided when treatment is scheduled! Expectancy 📅: 6-12 months Call or email to schedule your free consultation or book your treatment! ☎️ 402.881.3638 📧

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