Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy 

& Aesthetic Services 

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be{You}tiful.
At Allure Health & Med Spa we recognize that aging is a natural, inevitable process but accepting the diminished physical health and self-confidence often associated with  “normal” aging is a thing of the past! 
Each patient works with our team to establish a customized plan that focuses on their specific needs.
Advanced techniques and safe, effective products ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Allure Health empowers patients to manage their health, life, relationships -- and ultimately -- quality of life.  

Your Best Years Are Yet To Come!


  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

    Customized, Natural Pellet Therapy

    Accepting diminished physical health

    and self-confidence associated with “normal” aging and hormone decline

    is a thing of the past!

    Individualized treatment plans available for female & male clients to help you feel your best for years to come!

  • Med Spa & Day Spa

    Medical Aesthetic Services

    Cosmetic Botox, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, PRP Microneedle, Microneedling, Fibroblast Skin Tightening & Laser Treatments

    Day Spa Services

    HydraFacial, Microcurrent Facials, Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Lash Extensions, Dermaplaning, Body & Facial Waxing, Professional Grade Teeth Whitening

  • IV Infusion Therapy

    Wellness Infusions & Injections

    A comprehensive selection of IV infusions & injections are available to choose from based on your goals & needs: enhance overall wellness, alleviate headaches & mild pains, boost energy, rejuvenate skin, improve cognition, strengthen the immune system and revive a dehydrated body.


feel your best

"I love this place. Hilary and Leanne are extremely knowledgeable. They truly care about you.Their genuine passion is very refreshing. I highly recommend Allure Health and Med Spa.

You will not be disappointed!" 

Laura C.


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