Winter Weather and its Affects on Your Skin

Winter weather tips

It’s no secret that winter can be tough on your skin. The cold weather and dry air can leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and itchy. But with a few simple steps, you can keep your skin looking and feeling its best all winter long. At Allure Health & Med Spa, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain the beauty of youth so you can feel confident in any season! Here are some of our favorite winter skin care products and tips to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant during the winter months.

Stay on top of your SPF regimen- skin damage can continue during the colder months.

From Total Defense and Repair (SkinMedica®) to Intellishade (Revision®), we offer a variety of sun protection products that will protect your skin all year long. UVA, UVB, Infrared light, and Blue Light are all sources of skin-damaging light exposure. Medical grade SPF provides protection against the entire spectrum of damaging light. All Colorescience® products from their lip shine to pressed powder foundation to anti-aging treatments include SPF!

HA5- the ultimate hydrator. A SkinMedica® product that contains 5 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid which holds 1000x its weight in water and promotes pulling that water into each cell making hydration happen at a cellular level versus a superficial level.

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Hydrafacials Omaha Nebraska


A supercharged infusion of hydration, anti-aging ingredients, and healthy skin maintenance. HydraFacial® is a state-of-the-art facial treatment, requiring no down time, that combines one of a kind Vortex-Fusion® technology with the benefits of chemical exfoliation and customized, targeted anti-aging treatment.

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IPL Allure Health and Med Spa


A laser treatment that is best done over the winter for a more aggressive approach to reducing brown spots and unwanted pigment. Intense Pulse Light laser treatments work deep within the skin layers to isolate and pull-out dark pigmentation from sun damage and other factors.

Laser hair treaments Omaha

Laser Hair Removal

This treatment is best done over the winter to have summer-ready, hair-free skin. Laser Hair Removal destroys hair follicles, leaving you with smooth skin after a completed series of treatments. It’s time to say goodbye to shaving and waxing once for all. Takes 6-8 treatments done 4-8 weeks apart for maximum effect.

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Microcurrent facial Omaha med spa

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation

Known as “the natural facelift”, this treatment is great all year round but can be another wonderful winter treatment for complexion, fine lines, pore size, and restoring natural volume. 12 treatments are recommended, 2 per week for 6 weeks.

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