Laser Hair Removal

Dare to Go Forever Bare?

Forever Bare BBL® Laser Hair Removal

Does the thought of time-consuming hair rituals like shaving, tweezing, or waxing leave you feeling exhausted before you’ve even begun?

Short and comfortable—a Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal treatment permanently reduces hair with fewer missed areas compared with traditional hair removal devices—so you can go forever bare whenever.

The Forever Bare BBL® Experience

Forever Bare uses light technology to destroy hair follicles at the source so they no longer grow.

Forever Bare is appropriate for most skin tones and hair textures and eliminates 80 to 90% of hair in the treated area within 3-6 treatments—depending on factors like hair texture, the treatment area, and skin tone. If hair grows back, it’s typically finer and less noticeable than before. Once or twice yearly maintenance treatments eliminate hair regrowth in the treated areas.


5-7 Days

Noticeable Results

5-30 Min

Treatment Time


Treatments Needed

What it Treats…anywhere you have unwanted hair!

  • Bikini/Brazilian
  • Under Arms
  • Legs
  • Upper lip, Chin, Neck, Sideburns
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Chest
  • Back
Tier 1 $75 per session, $400 per 6 pack
Tier 2 $125 per session, $700 per 6 pack
Tier 3 $165 per session, $975 per 6 pack
Tier 4 $225 per session, $1300 per 6 pack

*Pricing is based on the area being treated.
Packages are sold in 6 treatment bundles per area. Individual maintenance treatments are available for purchase.


BBL Laser hair removal in Omaha BBL Laser hair removal in Omaha
BBL Laser hair removal in Omaha BBL Laser hair removal in Omaha

Ditch the razor for good.


Frequently Asked Questions

Forever BARE BBL is known as one of the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments. During the procedure, the Forever Bare handpiece produces a warming, “prickly” sensation that most patients report as being quite comfortable, even without using a numbing agent. The warmth subsides about an hour after treatment.

Broadband Light (BBL) hair removal treatments provide various benefits to the skin, including reducing unwanted hair and improving the quality of your skin. If your goal is to reduce hair AND improve skin concerns like brown spots, red spots, or acne, we recommend discussing this with a provider who may make recommendations for additional BBL treatments to accomplish your goals.

The majority of patients will require 6 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart to achieve significantly reduced hair in the treated area.