Afraid of Botox?

⚠️ Botox Fears??⚠️

You’re not alone! New Botox patients come in every day and during their pre-treatment consult we hear all kinds of fears. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown but Botox has been put on a pedestal surrounded by fears and assumptions. We’re here to tell you- IT’S REALLY NOT THAT SCARY!

💉 That being said, Botox is a medical treatment that should be performed by a trained, experienced provider who can place the right number of units, at an appropriate dilution, in the right muscles to produce the desired results while having the utmost respect for potential side effects and the power of Botox done wrongly.😬

🎬 The mechanism of action behind Botox is muscle relaxation via modulating nerve communication. Aka- relaxed muscles can’t create wrinkles because they don’t contract as strongly. We can control the amount of relaxation and create a look and feel that is in line with each patient’s goal. Some want NO movement and others want a more natural, lighter treatment with some movement left behind. That’s up to you! It’s not all or nothing folks!

Pain 😢 Botox is placed using an insulin syringe, meaning it’s a teeny tiny needle that feels like a pinch for a split second leaving you wondering if you that was it or not!?

Downtime 🤕 Patients pop in for Botox over lunch, it’s that easy! There may be what we lovingly call the mosquito bite look after where small red bumps hang around for an hour or two but we apply skin care products with a tint if you choose and you can gently apply powder before leaving.

We would love to talk about your Botox goals and treatment.

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