Lip Filler Before & After

Lip fillers before and after
Lip fillers before and after

💋We took this natural beauty’s lips to the next level of definition and hydration with Juvederm Ultra. Finding an injector who can select the right product and ideal technique to make your lip dreams come true in a safe way is crucial to fulfilling your lip goals! I’m always excited to be that injector for someone! 🙏

Product💉: Juvederm Ultra XC

Expectancy 📅: 6-12 months

Appointment ⏰: Consult plus procedure is 45 minutes. Performed with topical numbing.

Pre-Care ✔️: No ibuprofen, aspirin, fish oils, vitamin E for a 7 days prior; no retinol products for 3 days prior; no alcohol 24 hours before/after and if you have a history of cold sores on the mouth please contact us for instructions at least a week prior to treatment; may pre-treat with Vitamin K and/or Arnica cream for a week prior to help lessen potential for bruising (but it still may happen).

Post-Care ✔️: Ice per comfort but expect some mild tenderness and possibly mild swelling for 1-3 days on average; bruising is a risk with any injection; no alcohol 24 hours post; may continue or start topical vitamin K and/or Arnica for bruising … Detailed list provided when treatment is scheduled!

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