⚕️ Something I love about the medical aesthetic industry is the drive for continued growth and development of techniques, products and results we can provide to our patients.

💉While Botox has been around for what seems like ages in the aesthetic world and is one of the most studied pharmaceutical tools in our aesthetic tool box, MicroBotox is a newer injection technique on the scene.

🤷So what is it? MicroBotox is often the same number of units you need for a specific area, sometimes less, with a small amount of additional saline mixed in. Increasing the volume of liquid to inject allows for a wider spread of injections. Injections are placed more superficially in the muscle for a uniform relaxation over a wider area resulting in:

✔️Smoother skin texture

✔️Less wrinkles and lines

✔️The most natural feeling Botox treatment yet!

Common Locations:

📍Crow’s Feet & Under Eyes

📍Neck and Decolletage

🙋Who is a good candidate? Patients who have a good skin snap test (pull gently on the lower eye lid or neck skin, if it snaps back relatively quickly you’re good to go, if not let’s talk about alternative treatments). Patients wanting under eye treatment should also have no malar fat pad issues or other eye complications.

Ask about MicroBotox at your next visit for more information and to find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment!

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