Testosterone Mythbuster

Myth: Testosterone therapy is only for men.

Fact: Testosterone is found naturally in both men and women. The difference lies in what levels are appropriate. Female levels of testosterone are much lower overall and often start declining as early as our 30’s! Men often require roughly 10 times more testosterone than women to maintain health and vitality! Despite this large difference in normal levels, the loss of this vital hormone wreaks havoc for women in a lot of ways.

Symptoms of low testosterone often go unrecognized including low energy, poor sleep, mood swings, poor focus or productivity, brain fog, loss of libido & sexual response, decreased exercise tolerance, decreased muscle tone and weight changes. We become immune to the small, steady changes that can happen over the course of years. In our busy lives these symptoms become justified in our heads by our hectic schedules or “temporary” stressors. The truths of the matter are, our lives likely won’t get less hectic as stress shifts and changes and our hormones aren’t going to magically balance themselves as we age. The good news is we can influence how our body and mind can manage it all.

Natural, plant-based testosterone replacement, in combination with frequent hormone level & symptom monitoring, can safely and effectively replace testosterone in women. Over the course of a few months levels can be normalized within the appropriate female range to relieve symptoms and restore balance!

What’s the next step? Baseline testing is essential to determine what your body needs as we will replace what has been lost and reign in what is out of balance. During your free consultation we will discuss your full health history, your symptoms and what your individualized program would look like- no two people need the exact same therapy so customization is key!

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