Afraid of Botox?

Afraid of botox

Afraid of Botox? ⚠️ Botox Fears??⚠️ You’re not alone! New Botox patients come in every day and during their pre-treatment consult we hear all kinds of fears. It’s normal to be afraid of the unknown but Botox has been put on a pedestal surrounded by fears and assumptions. We’re here to tell you- IT’S REALLY […]

Lip Filler Diary

Lip filler diary

Lip Filler Diary Dear Diary,???? IMMEDIATELY BEFORE- “I want natural but make it worth it. Do you think anyone will notice? I want people to notice but not like NOTICE, ya know?!”???? ???? IMMEDIATELY AFTER- “Oh yeah! I did it! ????That wasn’t so bad but my husband is definitely going to notice.” ????️ DAY 1- […]